Philia Boxing gym
Place:461-1 Toyoda, Minami-ward, Sakai, Osaka
Course options
1.Boxer course to become a Boxing match attendee in a year.
2.Beginner course to master basic boxing skills.
3.Weight-reducing course to loose weight by 5 kilos in 3 months.
4.Kindergarteners' course to nourish them to master Basic Boxing skills.
5.Rhythm Boxing exercise course to master the Rhythm Boxing.
Charge category
member's breakdown enrollment fee monthly fee
adults(Men)  ¥10,000 ¥9,000
vocational schoolers , college students
adults(Women), silver(over 60)
senior high schoolers ¥7,000
junior high schoolers ¥6,000
 grade schoolers ¥5,000
kindergarteners (only once a week) ¥4,000
ticket members for ordinary practice @¥1,700[a ticket]
ticket members for Rhythm Boxing &
     Balance Exercise
@¥1,700[a ticket]
※Rhythm Boxing is to be regarded as a dance to a hip-hop music using boxing techniques
Besides,①a group insurance[¥1,850 a year] , ②punching glove plus a bandage and rope[¥5100]
weekly schedule
Tuesday 11:00am Open
11:30am~1:00pm BalanceExercise   5:30pm~6:00pm Road work
Therest time bracket is in usual business

11:00pm Close
Wednesday 11:00am Open
8:00pm~9:30pm Rhythm Boxing

Therest time bracket is in usual business
11:00pm Close
Thursday 11:00am Open
11:30am~1:00pm  BalanceExercise
5:30pm~6:00pm Road work
Therest time bracket is in usual business

11:00pm Close
Friday 11:00am Open
11:30am~1:00pm BalanceExercise
Therest time bracket is in usual business
11:00pm Close
Saturday 11:00am Open
4:30pm~6:00pm Kindergardeners' practice   
Therest time bracket is in usual business
11:00pm Close
Sunday 11:00am Open
11:30am~1:00pm Rhythm Boxing   
1:00pm~1:20pm to do public service

1:30pm~4:00pm Techniqually Advanced Course
4:30pm~6:00pm Boys & Grownups Course

6:00pm Close
Monday off duty
We hold some event every month,providing you with feel-at-home atmosphere. Every four months, we hold a 'Sparring session'. Besides,followed by 'Cherry blossom-viewing party','barbecue party','Christmas party' and the like.
Why did we set up Phila Boxing Gym?

Why did we set up Philia Boxing Gym?

 The gist for that :  Recently even in Japan the number of appalling juvenile delinquencies and un imaginable parental abuses to their children has been increasing day by day. 
  The frequency rate of these cases is too high to shy away from , as if we were witnessing the end of the world.
  That’s  just because culture, history and other external elements of human relationships have been collapsing in a value standard under our own nose, not fictionally.  In other words , once “ human nature” meant the clear-cut mirror of “soul” or “unexchangeable individuality”, but has got changed into a petrified mummy in today’s society where we are threatened by a suggestion of “ productivity” : “ being useful to others “.
 It can be said we are alienated.
 It shows a fact that we humans are being destroyed.  We will have to pay much for that. Human needs energy to live on. But the energy has two faces : one is to kill and voraciously eat up ourselves and the other is to let us lead a life.
  Both Sadism and Masochism, which are a representative athlete in modern psychology, are a parasite nesting at the core of “Soul”. We are yelling for life there. The parasite has dried up the root of life before we know it. In this morbid area  energies never connect with each other,but thrust into .
 A goblin-like master and the humiliated slave just enjoy a crooked and nominal energy cxchange in a Sado-Maso pattern.
  The word “Kotodama(言霊)” or the spirit of language stands for a heated enthusiasm or a life force generated only when you share a word with someone.
 If  your energy faces upright with and smoothly goes to and from those of others, you can be “gentle “.  You can love others.
  You have your own small “cosmos” or “tragicomedy” in an individualistic way.
We humans have both sinister energy possessed by killer and biophilic energy at the same time in the back of our mind, struggling for appeasement to no purpose.
  We try to connect with others, but instead put a thicker and thicker wall between us and others: the energy infiltrates deeper and deeper inside into an explosive congestion.
Behind the beautiful title “peace”, the merciless lurking killer sharpens the fang in order to wreak havoc on all life-seekers.
 There is a mother who confined her own child of one-year-old and under for as long as one week at a tiny apartment house and starved him to death while leaving the child alone and fooling around with her boy friend. The sacrificed child must have been crying continuously to the bitter end with all his might , just for “ I want to live” , to someone above all his mother.
  We couldn’t respond to the death cry. He died. We are sure to hear this kind of cry ,all the time, somewhere.
  Various negative phenomena such as shut-ins, bullying, domestic violences and child abuses have common with the above mentioned incident of the child at the bottom.
  There is one fact lying at the background of both the accused and the victims that the former and the latter mutually lack energy exchange with the signal of life being switched off and live in a total darkness.
 As for the concept of “life”, we dwellers in this mixed-up society need to take it in a more specific and direct way. 
 You can associate the image of “life” with the word “love”, which can be Japanizedly translated for “Omoiyari” or compassion. What does the word “Omoiyari”mean?  The “Omiyari” consists of nothing but 3 elements : responsibility, patience, and concentration power.   The responsibility originally stands for responding to a question offered by others, the patience for waiting in trust and the concentration for unselfish pouring.
 If you can let those elements put upward yourselves incessantly like The Trinity does , You can’t give in any more to energy shutoff filled with death aroma, morbidly corrupt egoism. You can become  just a “human” rather than a good “human” in character.
  We set up Philia Boxing Gym in accordance with the idea : in which you can become a person of responsibility polishing up your concentration power  through Boxing as a means, and become a person of patience  for the love of your friends and neighbors as well.  We are a group where all personnel concerned will go out into the world extensively , reaching out to social out-casts, weaker parties and unluckily unaccepted nonentities, just because of the thirsty of love and righteousness.
 We hope we are a challenging and creating group for that cause. We pray to God that we can become a hard worker to make a contribution for above all the bullyings, shut-ins, and abuses.            

                                                      By   Bae ill

                                                            Rep. for Philia Boxing Gym

461-1 Toyoda,Minami-ward,Sakai TEL&FAX:072-297-8639